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Jan 20, 2023

My job as a coach and as a mentor is helping you understand who you truly are on the deepest level. In this episode I share with you my nr. 1 reason why I don’t convince people to work with me.


Topics I cover:


🌹 how to follow your bliss, 🌹how to grant yourself permission to be who you are

🌹 how to...

Jan 12, 2023

Ok loves super excited to share this episode with you about my passion for branding and why I don’t believe in 1 font or colour theme for our MG branding. 

It’s a short but very juicy episode to help you turn your MGness into your business super power. 


Jan 9, 2023

How comfortable are you with being uncomfortable? That’s the question I present to you today. Listen to the full episode to unlock a whole new level for yourself. And to discover my nr.1 manifestation tip for MG’s. Enjoy!!!