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Feb 27, 2023

Hey loves I just recorded an episode about holy versus special money, and how you can use your responsive and informing strategy to start making holy money as a manifesting generator. Enjoy 💕


Feb 14, 2023

Ok so looking back at my life I always got myself into situations where I felt completely misunderstood. Arguments with family members, conflicts with former employees, fights with friends. While all along I considered myself to be the most fair and kind hearted person in the world. And I am :) I just never understood...

Feb 11, 2023

So as Manifesting Generators we have both strategies in our system: responding (the generator in us) and informing (the manifestor). So in order to run a successful business and life a full filing life we need to apply both. In this short bonus episode I give you some valuable  examples.


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Feb 9, 2023

Today I have a very cool new episode for you where I share my nr. Tip for success in your life & business. 


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Feb 6, 2023

Hey loves. I thought it would be fun to record a new behind the scenes episode where I share all my sales and investment numbers of the last couple of weeks. It’s a super valuable episode packed with life and business advices. Hope you enjoy.

💕 Sophie