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Dec 28, 2022

So today I recorded an episode where I share exactly how I got myself back into the inspired action mode after losing our amazing dog. Life is not always easy, but we do have a choice in how we deal with things, and how long we allow ourselves to go off the radar. I hope this episode serves you well.

Topics that I...

Dec 17, 2022

Yesterday I recorded an inspired action podcast episode and 3 super valuable takeaways came out of it.


This episode is especially valuable for you if you are a MG (manifesting generator) like me.

Links mentioned in this episode:


Dec 5, 2022

It’s so easy to stop believing when things don’t go your way immediately. But you must always remember that there is always something bigger at play. There is always a higher purpose. So what if everything that happened to you, everything you went through this past year had a purpose? The purpose of showing you that...

Nov 30, 2022

🤩 I have a such a high value behind the scenes episode for you.

Questions that I cover:

What is the universe trying to show me here?

How can I make my customer journey more accessible?


Topics that I cover:

why I never pay people I work with right away

changing strategies from fixed portals to...

Nov 24, 2022

This week I did such a fun and very valuable episode with my friend and former client Ciska van Grootveld about human design tweaks to scale to those 100K months. We spoke about what makes human design and the gene keys so special, how we both use these tools in our business and personal life and we speak more in depth...