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Feb 23, 2022

In this extensive episode I will tell you all about triggers, signs and frequencies. Because if something is triggering you, there is probably a message there for you to consider 🦋 I will dive into my Human Design profile and why I am here to challenge the way the world thinks about things. I will also tell you why I am not your ‘typical teacher’ but that it is my gift to uplift your energy through my high frequency energy. This is exactly what I’ll do during my new mentorship program that launches March 1st. Do keep an eye on your inbox or my social media channels, because what we are going to do during this mentorship will shift your energy big time and will take you to that high-flying disk from where you will realise that all your wishes have already manifested themselves. All you need to do, is to allow it into your vortex 🙏 

0:48 - My biggest 'aha' moment of this week: Manifesting Generators are here to challenge the way the world thinks about things.

10:25 - My Human Design Profile as an 'Investigator' 

13:47 - Motivation and energy levels in Manifesting Generators

1623 - Why I am not your 'typical teacher': my gift is to uplift other people's energy without telling them what to do specifically

17:17 - A story about someone that participated in my free challenge and as a consequence started to manifest big time at a next level, just by being surrounded by my high frequency energy 

19:05 - The frequency of language and how several signs led me to start podcasting and writing a sales page in English 

28:21 - I did something with the pricing for my new mentorship program that I have never seen anybody else do before  

31:46 - The difference between Manifestors and Generators in Human Design 

32:50 - How I manifested my new business buddy 

38:45 - How to recognize signs without making everything a sign 

40:01 - How my mentorship will offer you an unconventional way to go next level in your energy level