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Apr 19, 2022

It’s your job to set your own energetic boundaries. When you don’t allow yourself time off for selfcare, people will start claiming all of your time.

Today’s episode is really about tapping into a place where you allow yourself to be that magnetic, beautiful, powerful soul that you are and allowing yourself everything that you desire.

But, you do have to claim it. So in this episode, I invite you to write down your energetic boundaries, what you are no longer available for and finally, what you are so available for.

I also invite you to check out my 7 day selling queen journey because I truly believe that all of you will benefit greatly from it with regards to setting your energetic boundaries and claiming your super power as a selling queen.

You can sign up directly here:

Do you want to know more about Farin’s Prayer Event? Check it out here:

1:57 – Why selfcare becomes even more important as soon as you become a mother + a personal story of Farin, one of my 1-1 clients

7:00 – Setting energetic boundaries in your business and how this can help you and your clients

9:45 – How you can sign up for the prayer event by Farin

10:30 – Setting energetic boundaries when it comes to taking care of ourselves  and how having a daughter made me more aware of the importance of selfcare

16:35 – How to claim your energetic boundaries in your personal life and in your business

19:43 – What my  7 day Selling Queen Journey can do for you with regards to setting energetic boundaries