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May 2, 2022

This episode is all about following a full body 'YES' with regards to money and investing. 

Leaning into your body and letting your body show you where to go, is such a magnetic and transformative experience. It is something that I recently discovered and it really made clear to me that you have to move first when you want to attract more wealth into your life. 

That is, you have to move first before your soul aligned customers can follow. You have to be the embodiment of wealth before you can actually see the physical evidence of wealth.

I really want to invite you to tap into these wealth codes. If you feel that you are so ready to amplify your wealth frequency even more, I also invite you to join my wealth frequency mentorship or the 7 day selling queen journey.

Wealth Frequency Mentorship:

7 day selling queen journey: 

[2:44] Introduction to the topic of this episode:  my view upon pricing and money

[4:05] Why I evaluate my pricing at the end of every month and why it is important to listen to your soul aligned urges 

[5:50] My new discovery about letting your body do the work and lead you 

[7:00] Why I am not filling in what someone might think anymore 

[12:07] How to attract your next level goals and why it is important to invest money in yourself as a part of your journey

[17:30] When you uplevel your prices, it changes the outcome for your clients since everything is an energetic exchange 

[21:44] What to do if you are so ready to amplify your own wealth frequency and what happens if you decide to join one of my programs

[25:37] A bonus tip for if you're not 100% sure about the wealth frequency mentorship