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Dec 21, 2023

What I love about casestudies is that it gives me so much inspiration to continue to do the work I do. Today I share the casestudy of Nicola (Nicola

And these where my biggest take aways


Shy to show up at Instagram

Believed she could only sell single sessions as a RET therapist

Believed selling was hard

Felt uncomfortable and scared to do out of her comfort zone things


Feels way more comfortable and natural to show up online (in stead of attack post it’s now very intentional and free at the same time)

She now finally understand what it means when marketeers say “you are your niche”

She has a new portal that allowed her to move away from her role as just a RET therapist

Selling now feels easy

She now believes she can do anything she wants

She sold her first package offer with ease with one simple post and voicemessage

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