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Nov 24, 2022

This week I did such a fun and very valuable episode with my friend and former client Ciska van Grootveld about human design tweaks to scale to those 100K months. We spoke about what makes human design and the gene keys so special, how we both use these tools in our business and personal life and we speak more in depth about how I can personally use my profile to scale to 100k months. This episode will absolutely give you so much new ideas, especially for manifesting generators, generators and projectors. 

If you have any questions around your own design you can reach out to Ciska at Instagram @Ciska_IamGroots or you can get your own blueprint for succes by filling in the form at Ciska her website  

Wanna join the mystery offer go to or send your answers to after you send the email you will receive the payment link for your mystery offer.